Transforming the NFT Experience: The Alien Boy Success Story

By Mariano Betro, Client Service Manager at Adviters

Client: The Alien Boy (TAB)

Industry: NFTs

Software and Services Provided: Development of 2 websites that communicate with an Ethereum contract using React and Node.

About the client: The Alien Boy is a company dedicated to the NFT industry, with a collection of over NFTs that allows users to customize their NFTs using various tools. This customization and functionality are all managed through the Ethereum network, enabling greater control over transactions.

The Case:

TAB had the need to develop 2 websites, one with a management backoffice. One of the websites allows TAB users to acquire a coin called Focks through a process called stacking. The second website is a marketplace used by the same users to redeem stacking rewards and acquire both physical products and modify some attributes of their NFTs. The Adviters team worked closely with the client, who provided the designs to develop, integrate with the Ethereum network, and test both developments. The developments were made in React for the front-end and Node for the back-end.

Both developments are fully responsive and have various animations aimed at creating a simple yet highly engaging and entertaining experience for the users.


  • Development of a website for the stacking process with login control and various checks against the Ethereum contract, providing better security and control.
  • Development of a marketplace website with redemption and inventory processes. Similar to stacking, security measures were implemented to ensure that only the owner of the wallet can access, view, and manage their Focks, as well as make changes to their NFTs. This marketplace also allows for Focks transfers between wallets.
  • Development of a BackOffice for the marketplace to manage all the products displayed in the marketplace. It also allows for the configuration of an NFT blacklist to have control over specific cases that could lead to NFT duplication.

Business Challenges:

The Alien Boy, like other companies venturing into the world of NFTs, needed to offer its users various tools to make use of their NFTs and motivate them to continue investing in their products. Through the stacking process, The Alien Boy users were able to «play» and acquire Focks, which provided them with redemption benefits, generating a flow and movement within the community.

Business Benefits:

  • Application availability.
  • Minimal implementation errors in the production stage.
  • Internal alerts and controls that allow the team to quickly identify any inconsistencies or errors that may prevent users from using the websites.
  • Flexibility.
  • The BackOffice simplifies the management of products available within the marketplace, allowing for the addition of new products for the community.
  • Usability was designed to be minimalist yet eye-catching, encouraging higher user engagement.

Long-term Impact and Cultural Change:

The Alien Boy aims to continue expanding its network of NFTs and the tools it provides to its users to increase not only its community but also its visibility and enhancement of the tools by integrating new technologies.


Adviters supported The Alien Boy throughout the entire development process until the production release, not only meeting the client’s requirements but also proactively suggesting improvements in both the development and functionality, helping to reduce any impact during the production phases.

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