Discover how Adviters transcends technological boundaries, turning luck into success for Control Vehicular Argentino.


In the vibrant world of technology, every decision matters. We share with you the third success story that encapsulates the luck of choosing Adviters as the strategic partner in digital transformation. Let’s delve into this case, starring Control Vehicular Argentino (CVA), a leading company in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the automotive industry.

What is Control Vehicular Argentino?

Control Vehicular Argentino stands out as a unique global entity, designing, manufacturing, and marketing its own equipment for technical verification plants, automobile dealerships, repair shops, and diagnostic centers. Their approach distinguishes them by producing over 90% of their elements in-house, without relying on outsourcing, except for engines.

Did they get lucky with Adviters?

Facing the need to implement a responsive web portal, CVA aimed to provide its customers and government controllers with intuitive access for managing and monitoring associated workshops. Adviters became the natural choice for their experience in digital transformation and responsive web application development.

In the words of the client, «Adviters was the one who helped us see the paradigm shift. We are in the early years where Artificial Intelligence will make VTV machines inviolable and give us access to the network to see what’s going on.» This statement highlights the transformative vision that Adviters brought to the project.


The collaboration results with the successful and timely delivery of the CVA portal. The responsive web platform allows visualization of workshops, lines, and corresponding machines, generation of test reports, a dashboard of indicators and integration with CVA software to receive data on tests, calibrations, and machine maintenance.

Scrum metrics guided the project, measuring velocity in each sprint and comparing planned story points with those delivered. A constant register and monitoring of bugs and improvements were implemented in each sprint, ensuring an agile and efficient process. Adviters, once again, proves to be the strategic partner that transforms challenges into technological successes. On St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate the luck of choosing wisely, of choosing Adviters. 

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