Explore how the convergence of technological strategy and the luck sought by Metafar leads to unparalleled successes with Adviters.


In the challenges of innovation in the healthcare field, Metafar emerges as a new force, driving disruptive solutions. Through a strategic alliance with Adviters, this Healthtech giant seeks to transform challenges into opportunities, redefining the landscape of the pharmaceutical industry.

What is Metafar?

Metafar, a prominent Healthtech, arises as a result of the merger of five major laboratories and three leading drugstores in the market. Its vision materializes in the FarmaOnline platform, providing innovative solutions for the marketing of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Did they get lucky with Adviters?

Metafar embarked on an ambitious project aimed at revolutionizing the experience of pharmacies and patients in the pharmaceutical sector. It seeks to change the paradigm of the industry, allowing pharmacies and patients to improve their experience in the commercialization of prescription or over-the-counter medications.

With a focus on quality and efficiency, they sought to overcome bad practices in software development, and this is where Adviters comes in.

As described by Metafar’s Data & Infrastructure leader: «We are impressed with their quick and clear responses to a problem or a new need.» This statement reflects the essence of our collaboration: skill, effectiveness, and commitment.


Every step of the project was successfully completed, addressing technical debts and advancing towards superior quality standards. Adviters’ efficient management, combined with their timely responsiveness, ensured constant progress and tangible results.

At the crossroads of innovation, Metafar and Adviters have come together to chart a new horizon in the healthcare industry. Through a solid and effective collaboration, they are transforming challenges into opportunities, driving change and excellence every step of the way.

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