By Camila Guerrini, Capacity Manager at Adviters

Teamwork increases efficiency and productivity

It has been proven that working side by side increases efficiency, productivity, motivation, morale and retention. It’s easy to see how all this impacts positively a company, since results are better, faster, and people choose to stay, something that IT companies are constantly struggling with.

We all know that individuals have strengths and weaknesses, and this is exactly why teamwork is so important: some employees will take on tasks they will be able to solve better than others, and those others will fill-in the skills gaps others have. This way, the team itself will smooth the weaknesses of each of the individuals and have altogether much more skills than just one person. Given this, it is key that managers assign roles and tasks strategically, where each employee can succeed.

Diversity leads to innovation

Diversity of perspectives and backgrounds always leads to new solutions and innovation. There is much more power in collaboration than in individuality, and there is always a chance to learn something new from the rest of the team and develop a new skill when you’re not working alone.

Working in teams also increases a sense of belonging, which is key for employee retention. Studies show that employees decide to stay at their jobs if they feel they have friends at work, so companies should never neglect the creation of bonds in the workplace.

Teamwork eases tension in high-stress environments

Teamwork has also proven to ease tension in high-stress work environments because the highs and the falls are born by not only one person, but a whole team that creates a notion of support.

It is challenging, to say the least, to build a team-work environment nowadays, when most of the employees are working remotely, but don’t let bonding die! Continue fostering communication and team activities and you’ll see great results.

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