Digital Census: Adviters Makes It a Reality

The National Census of Population, Households, and Dwellings is a critical process for every country, involving the counting and recording of all individuals, households, and residences at a specific moment. The primary objective of the census is to understand the population size, living conditions, and distribution throughout the national territory. In this context, technology plays a fundamental role in streamlining and facilitating the process.


Adviters, a company specializing in technological solutions, identified the National Government’s need for a mobile solution for the census. This solution was required to enable census takers to visualize pre-loaded information from the country’s residents or input complete data as needed. Additionally, the solution had to operate offline, considering that some areas lacked internet coverage.


The primary challenge we faced was delivering a stable and secure solution within a tight timeframe. To achieve this, we had to assemble a highly skilled team tailored to the project’s requirements. Additionally, ensuring the stability of the application to accommodate the large number of census takers was crucial. The deadline was non-negotiable and had to be strictly adhered to.


Adviters assembled a multidisciplinary team comprising developers, designers, and quality experts. This team took on the challenge of addressing diverse needs that emerged throughout the month-long project. The application’s development spanned various layers, including BackEnd, FrontEnd, Data, and Infrastructure. Additionally, stress tests were designed and executed to ensure that the solution could handle the expected load during the census.


The solution developed by Adviters was a resounding success. On the day of the census, there were no interruptions in the use of the application. Census takers could efficiently and securely store the data, facilitating a quick and straightforward analysis at a later stage. Thanks to the implemented technology, the process of the national census was significantly streamlined and improved.

We’ve reached the end

In conclusion, the development of this mobile application was pivotal for the success of the National Census of Population, Households, and Dwellings. The solution provided by Adviters was stable, secure, and capable of meeting the specific requirements of the National Government. This project underscores the significance of technology and its ability to enhance and optimize crucial processes vital to the country.

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