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At the beginning of February, the Apple Vision Pro augmented reality glasses were released in the United States. They are priced at $3,499.

In this article, we will discuss topics such as the technical description of the manufacturing company, different technology review sites, and the analysis of applications that can be developed in technology projects by Adviters.

Product Description

Apple Vision Pro seamlessly combines digital content with physical space. It navigates simply by using the eyes, hands, and voice.


Apple Vision Pro is the culmination of decades of experience in designing high-performance portable and mobile devices, resulting in the most ambitious product Apple has ever created. It integrates incredibly advanced technology into a sleek and compact format, resulting in an amazing experience every time you use it.

Front: A uniquely shaped three-dimensionally formed laminated glass piece flows into an aluminum alloy frame that gently curves to wrap around your face.

Cameras and sensors: A variety of advanced cameras and sensors work together to enable you to see the world clearly, understand your surroundings, and detect hand movements.

Audio: Speakers are located near your ears, providing rich spatial audio that seamlessly blends with real-world sounds.

Displays: A pair of custom micro-OLED displays offer more pixels than a 4K TV to each eye, providing stunning clarity.


VisionOS, built on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, enables powerful spatial experiences. Apple Vision Pro is controlled with your eyes, hands, and voice, and the interactions feel intuitive and magical. Simply look at an element, pinch your fingers to select it, and use the virtual keyboard or dictation to type.

Desktop freed, and apps that follow: With Apple Vision Pro, there is an infinite canvas that transforms how applications are used. Applications can be organized anywhere and scaled to the perfect size, creating the perfect workspace, all while the user remains present in the surrounding world. You can browse the web in Safari, create a to-do list in Notes, chat in Messages, and seamlessly switch between them with a glance.

Entertainment: Apple Vision Pro can transform any room into a personal cinema. Movies, shows, and games expand to the perfect size while you feel part of the action with Spatial Audio. And with more pixels than a 4K TV for each eye, you can enjoy stunning content anywhere, whether on a long flight or on the couch at home.

Connection: Apple Vision Pro facilitates collaboration and connection wherever you are. FaceTime video tiles are life-sized, and as more people join, the call simply expands in the room. Within FaceTime, you can also use apps to collaborate with colleagues on the same documents simultaneously.

Usability: Apple Vision Pro is primarily aimed at the consumer market, mainly for entertainment use, although it can also be used for business or educational purposes.

«It is a kind of computer with an infinite screen space. It occupies a place in a segment that various brands have been exploring, and it creates a blue ocean for innovative developments. The main difference that can be observed in this device compared to the competition is the quality of materials, image quality, sensor quality, and the available apps that Apple has adjusted to the new technology.» – Cristian Florio, Business Unit Manager

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has various commercial applications that can benefit different industries. Some of the ways augmented reality is used commercially include:

Marketing and Advertising: Companies can use augmented reality to create interactive and engaging experiences for their customers. This can include interactive advertising campaigns, virtual catalogs, or the ability to virtually try products before purchasing them.

Retail: In the retail sector, augmented reality is used to enhance the shopping experience. Customers can virtually try on clothes, accessories, or furniture before making purchasing decisions. Additional details about products can also be provided by overlaying digital information onto the real world.

Education and Training: Augmented reality is used to create immersive educational experiences. In training environments such as medicine, engineering, or specific task simulations, it can be a valuable tool for enhancing training and understanding processes.

Tourism and Travel: In the tourism industry, augmented reality can provide real-time information about tourist attractions, offer virtual tour guides, real-time text translations, and offer interactive experiences to enrich tourists’ visits.

Manufacturing and Maintenance: In the industrial field, augmented reality is used to improve manufacturing and maintenance processes. Workers can receive step-by-step instructions and visualize relevant information while performing specific tasks, which can increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Healthcare: In the healthcare field, augmented reality is used for medical data visualization, surgeon training through virtual simulations, and improving the planning of medical interventions.

Architecture and Design: Augmented reality is valuable in the architecture and design industry, allowing professionals to visualize real-time 3D models of buildings, interiors, and other projects, facilitating decision-making and communication with clients.

Entertainment: Augmented reality is used in entertainment applications, such as games, to create more immersive and realistic experiences. Live entertainment experiences with overlaid digital elements can also be offered.

These are just some of the many applications of augmented reality in the commercial field. Its versatility and ability to enhance the interaction between the digital world and the real world make it a constantly evolving technology in various industries.


Below are a series of pros and cons of Apple Vision Pro:

This is a technology that has been developing for years but is starting to enter the market in recent times. Apple Vision Pro stands out from the competition in terms of material quality, image quality, sensors, and the number of apps compatible with the technology.

They have made significant advances in immersive experience and interaction, but there is still room for more applications that provide functionality and innovative disruptions to the device. Currently, they are in the early adopters stage, but more time is needed for the price and functionalities to be acceptable for mass consumption.

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