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Goodbye to Google Domains.

Google has announced a sales agreement with Squarespace for its Domains service, which allows users to acquire and host their web domains.

The asset sale includes approximately 10 million domains currently hosted on Google Domains, and Squarespace commits to maintaining all renewal prices for these domains for Google Domains customers for a minimum of 12 months.

Once the deal is closed, Squarespace will become the exclusive domain provider whenever a customer purchases a domain along with a Workspace subscription directly from Google for a minimum period of three years.

Is the US government trying to end cryptocurrencies?

Regarding the news about cryptocurrencies and the US government, estimates indicate that 1 in 6 Americans has invested in cryptocurrencies.

Three years ago, the majority of the sector’s firms in which Andrew Durgee’s company invested were based in the US. This year, it is estimated that only 1 in 10 will be located in US territory, reflecting his company’s belief that the country has become increasingly hostile towards digital assets like cryptocurrencies and tokens.

«The government has really targeted the industry,» says Durgee, Managing Director of the cryptocurrency division at technology company Republic. «Regulatory uncertainty makes investments in the US riskier.»

The unexpected environmental danger that solar panels can generate

Some experts warn that after 25 years of useful life, eventually billions of solar panels will need to be disposed of and replaced, generating an unexpected environmental hazard.

Energy experts are calling for urgent government action to prevent an imminent global environmental disaster. A significant step is expected to be taken by the end of June when the world’s first fully dedicated solar panel recycling plant officially opens in France.

ROSI, the solar recycling company that owns the facility in the alpine city of Grenoble, hopes to eventually extract and reuse 99% of the components from the units.

The massive cyberattack threatening to reveal data of employees from major global companies, including BBC

A group of cybercriminals, likely based in Russia, has issued an ultimatum to victims of a cyberattack that has affected organizations worldwide.

The hacker group Clop warned the companies affected by the attack on the commercial software MOVEit on the dark web that if they do not send an email before June 14 to initiate negotiations, the stolen data will be published.

Over 100,000 employees of BBC, British Airways, and Boots have been informed that their payroll data may have been leaked. The criminals found a way to infiltrate the popular commercial software MOVEit and then used that access to gain entry into the databases of possibly hundreds of other companies. Based on the techniques used by the group, Microsoft analysts stated on Monday that they believed the Clop group was behind the attack.

Arriving this year: Assassin’s Creed Jade – a new edition of the saga, free for smartphones

Assassin’s Creed Jade is a new version of the assassin game saga that will soon be released, starting with a beta version in the coming months for Android and iPhone smartphones.

The game will be the brand’s first attempt to bring its console and PC successes to mobile devices with this new adaptation set in ancient China in the 3rd century BC. The game will feature a large open-world map with stealth, exploration, and parkour during the time when the Qin dynasty unified China and secured the trade route to the West.

Players will engage in combat in the desert and cities against raiders and rivals, from the Great Wall to Xianyang. Pre-registrations to try the game can be made on the game’s official website, but signing up does not guarantee a spot to test it.

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