Your Ally in Blood Pressure Control: How Gador is changing the game

Together with our partner Gador, we developed MDPAPP, the first blood pressure measurement application in the Store. With MDPAPP, you can easily record and track your blood pressure readings, so you can have a record of your numbers. Stay informed about your health and take action to manage your blood pressure if needed

The Challenge

In collaboration with Gador, we took on the challenge of developing an app, initially an MVP, that allows for recording blood pressure measurements corresponding to the MDPA study. This would bring numerous benefits, including maximizing the time during medical consultations, providing more accurate results, offering efficient patient service and scalability, and enhancing patient adherence to treatment.

The Solution

To address this challenge, we developed a new mobile solution available for iOS and Android with the following features: It allows you to record the 28 measurements corresponding to the MDPA study, automatically calculate averages, export and share results with the doctor, save MDPA study history, and schedule reminders with push notifications. We also included educational content such as healthy tips for patients with hypertension and agile metrics using Tableau.

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