These are The Keys to Building Great Teams

On Global Talent Acquisition Day, we conducted an exclusive interview with Oriana Campos and Carolina Posse, who are both Sourcing Associates and members of Team Adviters. This day is dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the hard work of individuals who are contributing to the growth of numerous teams presently as well as in the upcoming future.

Being part of the Talent Team

Talent Acquisition encompasses the responsibility of sourcing and securing proficient individuals for an organization. It involves the strategic identification of candidates who possess the skills and qualifications necessary to excel within the company.

The primary task involves conducting comprehensive searches for prospective candidates. This often involves utilizing online platforms, job portals, and social media channels to identify suitable candidates. In certain instances, attending career fairs and industry events can also play a role in establishing direct connections with potential candidates.

What Do You Love About Your Job?

O: I really enjoy the work environment. From the first day, I realized that my colleagues have a very collaborative attitude, and together we create a highly supportive atmosphere.

C: What I like the most about this job is that it’s a quite challenging position in an exciting field, where at first, it seems very complex with all new profiles and technologies. However, it’s a highly engaging job.

What Skills are Important for Talent Acquisition?

C: I believe that patience and tolerance for frustration are crucial skills. It’s important to know that if something doesn’t go well, with a good team, you can solve the problem.

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Interested in Talent Acquisition?

O: I recommend having a great understanding of the English language for your everyday needs. The opportunity to learn and put it into practice is a big advantage. If you have the chance to start working in that position, go for it, because you’ll gradually progress and keep moving up.

C: As advice, it’s essential to actively keep updating and maintain curiosity for ongoing learning, especially about new profiles and emerging technologies in the IT world.

What are the Key Elements to Building Outstanding Teams of Professionals? 

O: In my opinion, a team’s success is dependent on three key elements: effective communication, daily patience, and a strong drive for self-improvement.

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