In collaboration with Gador, we took on the challenge of developing an app, initially an MVP, that allows for recording blood pressure measurements corresponding to the MDPA study. This would Read more
Pedidos Ya faced challenges with their user platform's checkout module. The existing system was plagued with frequent crashes, slow processing times, and inconsistent user experiences on both Android and iOS Read more
Comafi, a leading financial institution, faced the challenge of improving their customer experience by implementing and integrating CRM Dynamics with their core product systems. Their goal was to streamline their Read more
Provide an efficient solution for generating PDF reports based on the information provided by CESVI regarding inspections conducted on damaged vehicles. This involves addressing the customer pain points, which may Read more
Comafi faced the challenge of modernizing its middleware layer to eliminate obsolescence and embark on the path towards Open Banking. The goal was to expose core functionalities in a controlled Read more
The Challenge Rayo Bank embarked on a mission to simplify the onboarding process for expatriates, immigrants, and existing users in the United States, offering them digital alternatives to traditional banking. Read more
The Challenge Caja de Valores, a leading financial institution in Argentina, faced the challenge of improving its custody infrastructure to offer its direct clients and brokers a more scalable, secure, Read more
Seamless Integration: ANK's Platform with Third-Party Service The Challenge As a special feature, ANK wanted to introduce a payment function called AnkCard, which allows users to consolidate all their products Read more

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