Ownership: Taking the Helm

At Adviters, we nurture one of our core values at every level and across all departments and projects: We actively pursue our goals by taking ownership of change. We don’t wait for things to happen; we make them happen.

With an agile and innovative mindset, taking the lead in addressing any problem or project is easy. When we talk about ownership, we shape a culture where everyone takes the initiative to achieve positive outcomes. We don’t wait for someone else to take action; we care about ensuring positive results, and individually do all we can to contribute to that shared goal.

We shape a culture where everyone takes the initiative to achieve positive outcomes.

To encourage this kind of participation, it’s essential to create an environment that inspires it. In this article, we share some ideas to make it happen:

Embrace idealism:

What do we envision for the company’s future? Our team members should be able to think about the organization’s ideals and identify the gap between that vision and the current reality. This often motivates employees to put more effort into the process when they can define and execute the project. To encourage this, we can organize brainstorming meetings, surveys, focus groups, and even internal competitions that promote interdisciplinary teamwork and generate enthusiasm.

Understand the motivation for change:

Knowing what attracts each person is crucial to finding tasks they will assume with complete responsibility. For instance, those who value efficiency will be inclined to enhance bureaucratic and cumbersome processes that consume time, and they will naturally take the lead when designating someone for that task. Understanding and discovering each team member are critical factors in leading a motivated and dedicated group.

Enable and encourage participation:

Fostering creativity is often a pivotal step in promoting team members’ proactivity. An environment that welcomes innovation opens the door for employees to muster the courage to take risks and get started. To ensure these ideas align with the company’s vision and mission, we must have a space where everyone can propose their ideas and ensure we create a process in which we listen, evaluate, and refine them.

Uphold equality:

The more we provide for our employees, the more our efforts for them translate into their own commitment to the company’s overall objectives. Organizations that offer their team members autonomy, trust, and resources to implement ideas find more engaged and dedicated employees who take the initiative to make things happen.

Just like any value we aim to perpetuate in our company, the responsibility lies with the leaders. They should exemplify the attitudes they expect from their team members and provide the structure for these actions to succeed.

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